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Intern as you learn

Imagine completing high school with real-world work experience under your belt. While your peers are still engrossed in their studies, you’ll be two-steps-ahead from all the experience you’ve gained refining your skills at one of our global partner companies.

That’s why we’ve partnered with iXperience to help students build successful careers through cutting-edge courses and global internships while still just in high school. Their programmes are specifically designed to help you explore a new career path and add practical experience to your resume.

iXperience is a credit-bearing, career accelerator program for students. iXperience offers an internship program, which combines blended learning courses with interning experiences taught by industry experts.

Class sizes are limited to 25 students with help from hands-on teaching assistants to ensure that complex concepts are grasped. Outside of class, students can explore their chosen field, with planned excursions.

During the internship portion of the course, students produce tangible work to showcase to future employers, boosting their resumes as a prospective employee. iXperience also assists students in helping them structure their CVs, online presence, and interviewing skills, so that they have an edge in an extremely competitive job market. Students can join a large network of alumni, dedicated to pursuing personal and professional growth.

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