GoSchool serves students in grades 6th to 12th. It is the best international school in Mumbai, Pune and the rest of Maharashtra that offers affordable international education with great flexibility.

GoSchool combines the benefits of attending a brick-and-mortar school and learning remotely, offering students only the best of both worlds. GoSchool is also a great fit for children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND). You can visit our curriculum page for a more detailed view of all the benefits that GoSchool Offers.

Being an online international school we offer the opportunity to learn from the best of global faculty and an international curriculum in your city, leaving your kids with more time on hand to pursue their other passions like dancing, music, art, literature, sport, entrepreneurship, competitive exam preparations.

Ideally, it's expected of a child to attend GoSchool the same way they would a traditional school. That said, parents can attend if their presence is not a distraction.

Since most of the learning sessions take place from home, students need to have their own computer system with access to high-speed internet and a study space that's free of distractions. For on-campus learning sessions, we can arrange transportation if needed.

Admissions start in November and end in August every year. The Academic year starts in August and ends in June.

We would send an email to the email registered with us covering every aspect of the admission including details of fee, course applied for, exam schedules and all other relevant details.

Yes, it is possible. Students who have appeared/cleared their Grade X or equivalent exams from a recognized board are eligible for admission. GoSchool is the best alternative to CBSC Schools in Mumbai, CBSC Schools in Pune IB Board Schools in Mumbai, IB Board Schools in Pune,IGSCE Schools in Mumbai, IGSCE Schools in Pune,ICSE Schools in Mumbai, and ICSE Schools in Pune.

Go School
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