How you will be taught

At GoSchool, we use a number of learning techniques that offer a flexible yet comprehensive learning experience. We combine structured lessons with self-paced learning to ensure you reach your full potential.

Virtual Classes - Live Classes
On-campus Visits - In-Person Immersion
Pre-Recorded Lessons
Individual Assignments
Group Projects
Skill Building Activities
Interesting Electives

A typical day and week

While learning, you will use interactive educational tools and engage in activities designed to help you gain knowledge and skills essential for your future. You’ll work closely with teachers in a one-to-one setting and with your peers as part of small group projects.

You will spend an average of 30 Hours Learning Every Week. That’s 6 hours for each subject.

On a typical school day, 50 to 70% of your day will involve attending classes or completing assignments.

Along with attending classes, you’d also spend your day on offline activities such as reading, writing, special events, student clubs and field trips.

How will you be Assessed?

Assessments allow you to demonstrate what you’ve learnt and are a good indicator of the areas you’d need to improve. Your assessment will happen using the Globally recognised Grading System, which lays out the standard of achievement under each grade from A to E.

Formative Assessments:
Conducted throughout the term, they include work done in class and at home in the form of presentations, quizzes, projects, portfolios, worksheets, written essays/stories, oral questioning, discussions, debates, speeches, and role play, among others.

Summative Assessments:
Administered at the end of every term, these include term-end examinations and internal and external assessments that measure your performance against learning goals for each subject.

What Activities you will Participate in

At GoSchool, education isn't just learn, learn, learn. It's fun too. You can explore a number of activities right from Clubs, Crafts, Contests, Events, Field Trips, Picnics, and much more.

Student Clubs

There’s something for everyone in our clubs.

  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Writers
  • Careers
  • Tech
  • Science
  • Coding

Pop-up Events

Pop-up events are teacher-led, one-time events. There’s an assortment of these events which dot the academic year. These events help students try new things.

  • DIY
  • Everyday Science
  • Financial Literacy
  • Storytelling
  • Virtual Trips to a Museum
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)


School Events

Throughout the year we host a number of events.

  • Science Fair
  • Debate
  • Art
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Poetry
  • Singing
  • Quiz
  • Exhibition

Prepare for a Bright Future with The GoSchool Career Guidance Cell

GoSchool is India’s 1st Career-focused School and the first step in this journey is a university degree. This is why, we are committed towards ensuring that each of our students who complete Grade 12th or A Levels, should be equipped with all the skills & tools necessary to secure a place in the University/ College and Course of their dreams.

The GoSchool Career Guidance Cell has designed a robust 2- year Program, with over 100+ sessions, seminars & workshops to provide complete support to our A Levels students. Beginning with a comprehensive psychometric assessment, in Induction Week, which leads into the 1st round of personal and group counseling sessions, aimed at being goal-setting exercises; this intensive Career & College Guidance Program is aimed at developing absolute clarity when it comes to various career opportunities, the higher education pathways needed, the various institutional options available and so on & so forth.

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