Our International Learning Partners

GoSchool is affiliated with Cambridge International Education (CIE) and Pearson Edexcel (PE) to offer their full international curriculums.

GoSchool learners follow the Cambridge curriculum at the Lower Secondary Level (Grade 6th to Grade 8th).

At the IGCSE level (Grade 9th & Grade 10th), the learner can choose between CIE or PE

GoSchool learners at the junior college level can choose to study either the CIE or the PE curriculum or a combination of subjects from both these boards and then appear for their AS & A Level qualification examinations.

Association of Indian Universities (AIU) accepts both the Cambridge International Education and the Pearson Edexcel qualifications as equivalent to a similar qualification/ diploma from an Indian Board (national or state) giving GoSchool learners equal opportunities in Indian Higher Education institutions.

Cambridge International Education

The Cambridge International Education curriculum is offered in India by the Cambridge University Press & Assessment, which is part of the larger educational consortium of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge qualifications are globally recognised, and accepted by universities and employers at home and worldwide. A Cambridge qualification comes with an impressive reputation and will retain its value for a lifetime of education and employment.

Pearson Edexcel

GoSchool also offers the internationally acclaimed Pearson Edexcel Curriculum. Aligned to the British educational system, Pearson Edexcel sets the standard for worldwide recognition and is accepted by all universities within India and prestigious universities across the world.

D Y Patil International Schools

We are proud to have partnered with DY Patil International Schools as our LEARNING CENTERS FOR ON-CAMPUS ACTIVITIES

The D Y Patil International School, Worli, and the D Y Patil International School, Nerul, stand as pillars of academic excellence and holistic development, making them an ideal partner for GoSchool's mission to provide transformative educational experiences.

Both the school’s commitment to fostering a vibrant learning environment aligns perfectly with GoSchool's approach to experiential learning.

Through our collaboration with these Schools, we seamlessly integrate on-campus activities into our curriculum, ensuring that our students gain practical exposure and develop essential skills.

Our partnership with both schools extends beyond academics, encompassing a shared commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals.


We have cultivated a cutting-edge learning ecosystem, grounded in contemporary pedagogy. Our approach is rooted in fostering meaningful collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic learning experience for our students.


mapmystudy.com is a platform for students where they get genuine information about studying abroad and qualified information that helps them plan their education journey. We have onboarded Map My Study as our study Abroad consulting partner for our students who wish to pursue higher education abroad.

The Hobby Tribe

The Hobby Tribe is India’s first Live Online all Hobby classes platform. We have onboarded The Hobby Tribe as our Extra-curricular activities partner.

Butterfly Learnings

Butterfly Learnings is a full-stack phygital pediatric development and behavioral health platform dedicated to supporting children and their families. Through innovative technology and virtual behavioral health services, Butterfly Learnings delivers integrated care tailored to the unique needs of each child.

We have onboarded Butterfly Learnings as our clinical partner to assist students with Special Learning Needs like ADHD, Subject Anxiety, Social Anxiety, High-functioning Autism etc.

Together, we’ve  introduced a unique opportunity for students to enroll in GoSchool, a hybrid international school, while accessing Butterfly Learnings’s campus resources and specialized support services. To know more about integrated supported learning programs, fill this form.

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