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Message from the Academic Director

Welcome to the Future of Education! GoSchool is an international school that provides a flexible 24/7 approach to learning, combining live hybrid online lessons with fully qualified tutors in small teaching groups, together with independent home learning. We have taken the best of the traditional independent private international school approach to education and present a future-ready digital learning experience for our students.

Never before has digital learning been such a powerful instrument for change as we look to a new future of homeschooling and online education provision. GoSchool is a school where every student will receive the individual attention they deserve. Our unique school model combines the very best practices of the private international school system along with best practices in online education. It is a system and curriculum that I and my staff know very well, having been educators at prestigious schools both in India, and internationally for many years combined.

Our goal is to help students achieve academic excellence and develop strength of character. This is delivered, in what we view as the future of education, a HyFlex learning environment delivering a renown International Curriculum, within a flexible homeschool online education setting. All of our online lessons are live, interactive, and taught by our team of highly qualified, experienced tutors.

In our view, everyone is a unique individual. Therefore, we adapt our approach to each student offering them the specific challenges and customised support that brings out their best. We set ourselves very high standards indeed. We will endeavour to inspire our students with new ideas, to support them as they learn to think for themselves and then to challenge them to transform the lives of others.

At GoSchool we aim for students to grow from Learners to Leaders. We aim to always work hard to excite young adult minds about the possibilities of tomorrow and to show them how to adapt and deal with change. We want students to be creative and resilient, to become excellent decision makers and to demonstrate compassion and tolerance. Most importantly, we want to nurture a love of learning and we aim to enable students to forge friendships that will last a lifetime as they learn to navigate the world of digital learning. We wish to develop the unique individual that lies within.

I am fully committed to ensuring our school provides the best academic standards, enrichment opportunities and pastoral care for our students. We will follow the enhanced model of the Pearson Edexcel International A Level Curriculum and ensure each is prepared for their high status examinations and entry to the world’s top universities. At GoSchool, we are immensely proud of the academic achievements, results and progress that our students will make when joining. We heartily welcome you!

Sidney Rose

FRSA, Academic Director

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